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Harvest Dinner

From the farm to our table, come enjoy the harvest with us.

We have teamed up with our neighbors

Jenni & Mike McCarty at Five Oaks Farm

for a true farm to table dining experience!

On October 28th, they will be serving us a five course dinner,

focusing on fresh, locally grown ingredients, many of which were grown on their own farm.

Course 1: Starters

A fresh take on Bruschetta.

Mozzarella, tomatoes, basil, olive oil, balsamic all mixed together and served with home made, long fermented sourdough bread.

Course 2: Salad
Harvest greens, with hints of other garden touches,

topped with a home made creamy balsamic dressing.

Course 3: Soup
This isn't the tomato soup you are used to. This variety features butternut squash, home made pesto, and of course tomatoes. Topped with sourdough croutons and Asiago cheese.

Course 4: Main Course

Cashew Pesto Chicken, with

garlic butter green beans,

pesto pasta, and a savory take on sweet potato mash.

Course 5: Dessert

Home made honey cheesecake with strawberry puree.

Sample Menu


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