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Pottery Workshop

Family Farm Day
& Artisan Fair

September 9, 2023

Our Goal

We want to connect our local creators with you, the people that support and frequent Haven Farms. We love our community, and we can't think of a better way than to support our small business owners and help them connect with all of our amazing farm friends!

We will have lots to see, taste, touch and hear! Don't worry, we will have fun things for the kiddos as well. Oh, and the petting park! Can't forget the animals!

What To Expect!

Craft Bazaar Booths | Food Trucks | Chili Trail | Play Park

What is a Chili Trail??? We are so glad you asked!


We will have 6 different chili tents all cooking for a cause.

To participate, you will purchase a Chili Trail box ($7) with the option to add a hot dog for $3.

The box will contain a ticket good for one serving of chili from each booth.

After you have tasted them all, you will be able to vote for the the one you liked best,

and the voting proceeds will be donated to a local charity.


If you are interested in being a vendor or sponsor for the craft fair, please submit an application.

Meet The Vendors

Our Sponsers

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