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Beginning Preparations for 2022 Activities

It is crazy how fast time moves! It seems as if one minute we are sipping lemonade in the 80-degree weather in shorts, and then we blink and we are bundled in sweats in the 40-degree weather. One thing we know for sure is, that nothing but change is constant. And change we have!

We have closed for the season to begin our preparation for our upcoming season of activities. And, a big one of those activities is six weeks of Summer Camp. Yep, that is right, we are doubling our number of camps this summer. We are already underway with counselor hires and camper registrations. If any of these are of interest, please check out both on the new website. We have something for everyone!

Whether you know someone that might fit on our summer team, or if you have a camper for us, we are preparing for you. We believe we have not only the best counselors around, but also the best small camp experience. Our ratios are small, so we can really get to know your camper. We never run out of new things to do around here.


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