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Haven Farms is a faith-based, peaceful home to over 130 animals including goats, chickens, cows, horses, donkeys, alpacas, sheep, bunnies, dogs, cats, and pigs. Our family farm is tucked away in Hazel Green, AL, and provides a relaxed atmosphere for togetherness in this little slice of heaven. Savor making memories in a place of simplicity. Here you can enjoy all of God’s creation.


So just as it took a village to raise our kids…

…it has taken a village to build our farm. If you had told us in August of 2018 that our life was going to take a dramatic turn we would have laughed. We had a beautiful two story brick house in a beautifully manicured neighborhood with our kids and three Shih-Tzus. We were five minutes from anything and everything. And THEN we bought a farm…

Scott & LeAnn Newsom


December of 2018 on a rainy, cold, dreary day we made the 50-minute drive to our new home… in a new city… and a definite NEW way of life. I have always been a glass-half-full kinda gal. Even in my worst days, I live in Peter Pan land most of the time. Optimism is usually easy for me… however… did I mention we bought a farm… and did I mention it was cold, wet, and rainy when we arrived!

For at least 30 days after our move, I believed with all my heart that God May have purposed my tribe and me to build an ark. I watched as a lot of our land went underwater…and lots of things floated away…and my optimism for our new way of life may have waned a bit. I learned a new love for coveralls, rain boots, thermal socks, thick gloves, and any and every kind of ear covering. I thought I might not survive this new challenge…

BUT GOD In His graciousness brought another day! So here we are years later… smiling and celebrating His faithfulness for carrying us through some tiresome and long days. He has definitely rubbed off some rough spots and taught us some tough lessons in pure perseverance. We don’t need a gym…did I mention we bought a farm!!! So here we are in our 50’s thinking we are in our 30’s again…working some 10-12 hour days. It is exhausting yet rewarding. And we sleep really well. We are home to 130+ 4-leggeds and a varying (depending on day) number of 2 legged too! And it is glorious!

We have met the most amazing people that we would have never met. We have had the joy of serving folks we would never have crossed paths with. We have had the blessing of sharing the gospel daily with folks sitting right in our backyard. We have learned tasks and skills I didn’t even know existed. And we have had adventures like never before. I am eternally grateful that God in His kindness picked us. Wading in poop as I hear snorts and squeals of impatience has become a natural way of life. However, as I sit back and reflect on the simplicity of it all… I am overwhelmed with gratitude!

Critter Camp.JPG


In the Summertime, Haven Farms takes on a whole new vibe. The entire farm transforms into a loud, fun, boisterous yet simple kids playground. Beginning the Summer of 2019 kids began arriving for weeks at a time to enjoy all the farm has to offer.  

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Haven Farms is a working farm. We love when people visit us so we’ve set aside a few days in the spring and summer where we offer public tours. We also host private tours in the summer for groups of over 20 people.

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