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The Circle of Life

I think one of the hardest things to walk through day in and day out in farming is the simple truth of the circle of life. There is birth, there is death and there is the in-between.

The birth is fun and exciting and everyone loves the pictures, but behind the scenes is countless hours of caretaking and loss. Often, you are not made aware of the birth until hours later. Sometimes, they don't need us, sometimes we are on time and sometimes we just miss the mark.

For those survivors, they rely on us for all their needs. The animals can't tell us what their need is. Oftentimes, the signs aren't visibly apparent. So, there must be trained eyes to keep watch.

Not only does our physical family have attachments, but also our animal farm family. Those who spend their days caring for these babies have a bond with them. They know them by name and know their behavior patterns. And, the animals know their voice and scent. So, when the time comes for them to leave us, everyone is affected.

In the past four months, we have had two of our beloved horses, Beauty and Lacey Faith, laid to rest. And, this past week we lost our triplets at 14-years-old, Marlee, Butterscotch and Daisy. While sad and grieving, we also know they lived a good life and their seasons had come to a final end.

While the sadness and change are not easy, it is accepted as the circle of life! So, we celebrate them and the enjoyment they brought to all.


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