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New Life

Nothing is more exciting on the farm than new life. However, when it's new life with a twist… it becomes a party. Recently we had our first annual Farm Market with over 25 vendors and food trucks. The weather was perfect and the crowd was steady, when I heard an odd proclamation over the walkie. “Mrs. LeAnn we are birthing a baby.” Having only 1 pregnancy at the moment in the back field made it easy to figure out who. Our girl Hope was about to have a baby. Within minutes I heard Savannah's voice, “We have a baby boy! A beautiful bouncing buckling." And then, five minutes later, I heard something else… "There’s another coming. Oh no - it's breach. Luke is going after it. And we have another beautiful baby buckling.” And as quick as it had begun, she was done.

Several guests were able to witness this beautiful event. Some came in moments after. And some went to visit as Hope cleaned the babies. Baby goats, known as kids, are typically quickly up on their feet. These were no exception. They were wobbling around momma within the first 30 minutes. Small in size, they could fit in the palm of your hand.

A few weeks have passed now since Chewy and Buffet's arrival. They are bouncing baby boys now with loads of energy and are mischievous in behaviors. However, they bring lots of smiles to the faces of visiting guests.


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