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Season of Gratitude

I love Christmas. I have always loved everything about it. The celebration of the birth of Christ. The worship service at the churches. The family coming together. The lights, the colors, the festivities. However, I love Thanksgiving too and sometimes it can be missed. What an incredible time to serve others, remember all the blessings we take for granted and simply slow down. I’m a romantic, a nostalgic, I see everything through colored lens. Often extreme optimism is seen as naiveté, call it what you will. I guess that could be true of me as well. However, whatever it may be, I never want to miss the opportunity to shout Gods goodness from the roof top. I never want to miss seeing the good in others. I never want to miss a heart of gratitude every time I open my eyes to a new sunrise or am fortunate enough to see another sunset. I never want to forget to encourage others. And I never want to miss an opportunity to worship the King!

We slow down, the gates close and the animal’s rest. Being home to so many 4 legged’s comes with lots of vet visits, ferries, maintenance, and care. Our animals are on all throughout the year, so they need rest too. We have to regroup and spend some time with each.

Now with all that said I want to turn to you for a moment; family, old friends, new friends, neighbors, co-laborers… thank you for entrusting us with some of your time! Thank you for putting your arms around us in the community, we see you! This month is our 5-year anniversary of purchasing and beginning the building of what we now know as Haven Farms. I still cannot wrap my head around all God has done and allowed us to be part of.

I can’t move forward without a few thanks! Steve and Callie Kasprazak taught us how to care for and ride horses. Billy and Judy Darnell walked beside us every step of the way. David and Christy Vest taught us all we know about animal feed and farm startups. And we cannot forget those that pushed us forward in the beginnings of what we now know as Critter Camp, Gina Glass, Amanda West, Amy Osborne and Stephanie Adams. The belief in us by these 4 ladies has become a Summer long camp with waiting lists. With so much gratitude we say thank you!

We don’t know what the future holds or where God will take Haven Farms over the next 5 years. But what we do know is we couldn’t do it without your partnership! Thanks for following us on media; For sharing us with your family and friends, for visiting often and for praying for us! Praying blessings over you and your family!

Hugs and Love!

LeAnn and Scott


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